Integrative health practices consist of techniques and procedures developed to assess and treat several aspects of the body’s greater sense of wellness. The Reactivation method in particular strives to produce optimal function and performance through facilitating and effectively unblocking the natural process of healing. Reactivation is the study and treatment of the body as one whole, based on the holistic approach that the body is more powerful than the sum of its parts. By working with the biomagnetic system encompassing the mind and body, Reactivation harmonizes each piece to nurture a balanced system. In turn, this leads to a healthier, self-repairing system.

The assessments conducted by the Reactivation practitioner measures systemic energetic weaknesses using a series of muscle challenges; the challenges do not measure strength alone. These challenges are followed up with gentle focused pressure applied to very specific points on the body. Reactivation is non-invasive technique and does not impose the dangers of side effects. It is a no-risk resolution for issues that challenge the traditional symptom-treating procedures that leave root causes untouched. This approach benefits people who have a current issue they want to deal with and people who are looking for better physical performance, like athletes. After an hour of Reactivation, function and mobility improve, as a result of the body’s reinvigorated capacity to heal.